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On this page we have links to organisations that Presteigne Baptist Church (PBC) is connected with. We also list the websites of some of our visiting speakers and/or books they have published. We have also allowed our website manager a small corner with a personal selection of links.

Links to Organisations

PBC is a member of The Baptist Union of Great Britain:

PBC hosts a
Job Club under the auspices of Christians Against Poverty:

Links to our visiting Speakers Websites and Books

Rev Ifor Williams has published this superb book describing how he discovered God's amazing generosity and the challenges that this brings for those who follow Jesus today:


Available from Amazon or Available from Blackwells online shop

Website Managers Corner . . .

Here is a personal selection of links & books made by our website manager:

The Rt. Rev'd Dr Gavin Ashenden has some superb homilies (sermons or talks) that are faithfully biblical in their teaching and utterly centred on Jesus. Well worth the viewing.

Talk for Sunday 11th February 2018 can be found
Talk for Sunday 4th February 2018 can be found
Talk for Sunday 28th January 2018 can be found

Here is Dr Ashenden recent talk on "
The practice of prayer" given at Burning Man on the 8th February. This is a long listen (about 50 minutes), but very well worth taking the trouble to listen to.

this is radical, challenging and countercultural stuff. If you accept it, it is life changing too. But then that is exactly what Jesus and His good news is and always was.

Book Choice
Many Christians who are orthodox in belief are becoming deeply concerned by the rapid and aggressively pursued changes in society and culture that have occurred since the turn of the Century. In some cases these changes are completely contrary to established Christian orthodoxy and the plain teaching of scripture. Those pushing the new secular agenda should however be careful of what they wish for. This highly accessible book shows just how Christianity changed society for the better and what might be lost through the secularists current drive to remove Christianity from the public square.
Click the picture above to order post free from Blackwell's website.

Thinking about Ethics and social change . . .

David Robertson is a blogger with a very sharp eye to the torrent of social change that is speeding up about us. His world view is solidly anchored in Jesus Christ. An interesting post about what the Church might expect in 2018 can be found here.

Here is video of a talk given by Stephanie Gray who lovingly and sensitively addresses the issues around abortion and why we should be pro-life. View by clicking
here. (Very highly recommended).