Recorded Talks

On this page we have available recordings of some of the talks given during Sunday Morning Worship. All these talks can be either downloaded or played directly. Enjoy, but please read the "small print" below first!

18th February 2018: Peter Jennings (Teach me to pray)

11th February 2018: Ian Greig (Living in God - Living in love)
4th February 2018: Noel Doubleday (How good is our God!)
28th January 2018: Peter Jennings (Have you got a problem?)
21st January 2018: Jon Judson (On the lookout). Accompanying slide set (PDF) here
7th January 2018: Tom Evans (Behold I will do a new thing)
31st December 2017: Peter Jennings (On a journey)
24th December 2017: Jon Judson (The Word became flesh)
17th December 2017: Peter Jennings (God chose a shepherd)
26th November 2017: Peter Jennings (Teach us to Pray)
12th November 2017: Peter Jennings (Remember Me)
22nd October 2017: Duncan MacLean (In the beginning…)
8th October 2017: Peter Jennings (The Good Shepherd)
please note first few seconds are missing - sorry
1st October 2017: Noel Doubleday (God's intentions)
24th September 2017: Peter Jennings (The harvest is ripe!)
17th September 2017: Jerry Tiffin (Restoration)
please note this recording has been edited due to technical issues
10th September 2017: Peter Jennings (Giving and Receiving)
3rd September 2017: Andrew Wyton (Follow Me)
27th August 2017: Ian Greig (How to grow faith)
20th August 2017: Peter Jennings (Rebuilding the Walls - Nehemiah 3)
13th August 2017: Peter Jennings (I am thirsty for God)
6th August 2017: Peter Jennings (The Ruth Challenge Part 3 - Naomi & Ruth saved)
30th July 2017: Steve Kerry (Draw near to God)
23rd July 2017: Peter Jennings (The Ruth Challenge Part 2 - Ruth meets Boaz)
16th July 2017: Ifor Williams (Mission to Wales)
we apologise for the very poor technical quality of this recording.
Stick with it though it is well worthwhile hearing!
9th July 2017: Norman Moon (Abundant life - John 10:10)
please note this talk has been shortened
2nd July 2017: Peter Jennings (The Ruth Challenge - Ruth in trouble)
25th June 2017: Sue Wilson (Grace & Faith)
18th June 2017: Ian Greig (Hope)
11th June 2017: Jerry Tiffin (Close Encounters)
28th May 2017: Peter Jennings (The promises of Jesus)
21st May 2017: Jon Judson (The Mystery of God)
14th May 2017: Tom Evans (God's love and compassion)
7th May 2017: Peter Jennings (Jesus: the Resurrection and the Life)
30th April 2017: Jon Judson (The Greatest Commandments)
23rd April 2017: Peter Jennings (Hidden Light - Jars of Clay)
16th April 2017: Peter Jennings (He is Alive!)
due to a technical difficulty the first part of this talk is missing - sorry!
9th April 2017: Peter Jennings (The triumphal entry Part 1)
9th April 2017: Peter Jennings (The triumphal entry Part 2)
2nd April 2017: Simeon Baker (Jesus, the Pioneer of our Salvation)
26th March 2017: Noel Doubleday (The love of God)
19th March 2017: Peter Jennings (The Lord will provide)
12th March 2017: Steve Kerry (Peter's Vision)
26th February 2017: Andrew Wyton (The Transfiguration)
19th February 2017: Peter Jennings (The Heart of the Matter)
12th February 2017: Norman Moon (Justice, mercy & faithfulness)
5th February 2017: Jon Judson (Authority from dependency)
29th January 2017: Peter Jennings (Christ is the centre)
22nd January 2017: Sue Wilson (Jesus begins His Ministry)
1st January 2017: Noel Doubleday (How good is the God we adore)
25th December 2016: Peter Jennings (Christmas Day)
18th December 2016: Jon Judson (Celebrating Christmas)
4th December 2016: Dan Price (Prepare the way of the Lord)
27th November 2016: Noel Doubleday (Growth - part 2)
20th November 2016: Noel Doubleday (Growth - part 1)
6th November 2016: Ifor Williams (Grace & Mercy)
30th October 2016: Peter Jennings (Feed on Jesus)
23rd October 2016: Duncan Maclean (Our identity in Christ)
16th October 2016: Jerry Tiffin (All about Prayer)
9th October 2016: Peter Jennings (Jesus is the Light)
2nd October 2016: Jon Judson (Stand Firm)
25th September 2016: Andrew Wyton (Harvest)
18th September 2016: Tom Evans (Acts Chapter 2)
11th September 2016: Peter Jennings (I want more - part 2)
4th September 2016: Peter Jennings (I want more - part 1)
28th August 2016: Dan Price (Living the Godly way)
14th August 2016: Peter Jennings (Faith like a Mustard seed)
7th August 2016: Noel Doubleday (You can bank on it)
31st July 2016: Peter Jennings (Power in the name of Jesus)
24th July 2016: Jon Judson (Prophecy)
10th July 2016: Peter Jennings (Buried Treasure)
3rd July 2016: Ifor Williams (Unity in the Spirit)
26th June 2016: Peter Jennings (Decision Made)
01 May 2016: Peter Jennings (Don't struggle)

Small Print

These talks are made available for personal, devotional use only and must not be used for any other purpose. These talks must not be copied or reproduced. All recordings are published on this site with the express permission of the speaker. Please note that some talks may have been slightly edited and/or reduced in length due to technical issues at the time of the recording.