The History of the Chapel Building

The present building was opened for use on Tuesday 18th March 1845. The building was designed to seat up to 300 people and 150 of those places (in those days called "sittings") were free! The opening is reported in the Hereford Journal edition of Wednesday 26th March 1845. The report itself is sandwiched between a list of persons charged with various offences (to be tried at the next assizes?) and details of inquests held earlier in the month!

The report contains this wonderful Victorian phrase which is probably never heard in speech today: "friends of the Redeemer". That phrase brings to mind the first verse of this worship song all about the one and same redeemer:

There is a redeemer,
Jesus, God's own son,
Precious lamb of god, messiah,
Holy one,

You can listen to the entire song

Here is a photo reproduction of the Hereford Journal report